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  • Who is Tom Hopper wife? Laura Hopper
  • What is Tom Hopper relationship status? Married
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Tom Hopper wife and family

Tom Hopper wife photo

Laura Hopper (nee Higgins) (wife)

  • Date of birth: March 15
  • Duration of marriage: June 7, 2014 - present time (8 years 7 months)
  • Laura is an actress. She appeared in Our Girl, Hollyoaks, Doctors, Bulletproof TV series as well as Cold and The Marker films. She is also good at dancing and playing a piano. Besides, the woman launched The Hopper Family YouTube channel.

    Laura got romantically involved with Tom in 2009 and got hitched to him on June 7, 2014. And now, they are parents of two adorable kids.

Tom Hopper kids

Tom Hopper kids photo

Freddie Douglas Hopper (son with Laura)

  • Date of birth: June 1, 2015 (7 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • The couple’s firstborn Freddie is autistic. He studies at a school for special needs children and speaks badly. He usually communicates with the help of picture cards and sign language. Tom shares that his son amazes him every day and explains that his brain just works in a different way.

    The Hoppers noticed that sugar caused the boy’s aggression and that’s why they cut out processed sugars from his diet allowing to eat fruits and honey. By the way, Tom’s photos and videos are frequently featured on his parents’ social media.

Tom Hopper kids photo

Truly Rose Hopper (daughter with Laura)

  • Date of birth: July 6, 2018 (4 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Truly, who is nicknamed Scrumptious by her parents, is a total daddy’s girl. She is described as a clever little monkey who loves a cuddle and bossing Tom around. By the way, Truly visited her father on the set of The Umbrella Academy.


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Phil Hopper (father)

  • Phil isn’t married to Tom’s mom anymore. He tied knots with another woman after their divorce and welcomed two kids with her. The celebrity usually shares his dad’s photos on his social media when he congratulates Phil on Father’s Day.

Tom Hopper parents photo

Name Unknown (mother)

  • Though the woman’s name is a big mystery, Tom reveals that he owes much to his mother as she has always supported him even when other people advised him to quit acting. And when he was a kid, he watched all the seasons of Friends with her and his brother Ben.

Tom Hopper siblings photo

Ben Hopper (older brother)

  • Ben is Tom’s only full-blooded sibling. According to his Instagram, he is married to a woman named Maria. They welcomed daughter Luna in 2018 and another baby in 2020.

Tom Hopper siblings photo

Jack Hopper (paternal half-brother)

  • Jack is Tom’s younger brother from his father’s second marriage. He prefers a low-key life.

Tom Hopper siblings photo

Emily Hopper (paternal half-sister)

  • Emily is another child of Phil and his second spouse. In 2020, she graduated from college. The girl loves traveling and often shares photos from her trips on her Instagram.


Tom Hopper is famed for his acting skills. He had parts in Merlin, Black Sails and The Umbrella Academy television series plus portrayed Dickon Tarly in Game of Thrones. He made a big screen debut in the 2007 movie Saxon. Among his other films are Tormented, Northmen: A Viking Saga, Kill Ratio and I Feel Pretty.

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