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  • What is Tess Holliday relationship status? Single
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Tess Holliday husband and family

Tess Holliday husband photo

Nick Holliday (ex-husband)

  • Date of birth: 1988
  • Duration of marriage: July 5, 2015 - present time (7 years 6 months)
  • An Australian businessman, photographer and body-positive working artist Nick Holliday had been Tess’ fan for quite a while before he mustered the strength to write her via Tumblr. After months of chatting in 2012, the man came to Tess in the US, finally moving there 3 years later to be closer to his beloved woman. They secretly married after Nick’s romantic proposal in Australia right in a photo booth.

    Their love has been strong and seemingly immeasurable since then. Nick was the 1st person in Tess’ life who admitted to her what she is, looking at her as if she is a creation from heaven.

    The man is Tess’ main source of support, helping her handle the tough schedule. Despite suffering from anxiety, he is a great father of his sons. He makes frequent dance parties with Bowie and plays various board games with Rylee.

    For now, the couple have been living separately for quite a while. Nick has been in his native Australia, working for himself, while Tess continues to show immense career results, raising 2 children.

    Tess wrote that she is single again.

Tess Holliday kids

Tess Holliday kids photo

Rylee Holliday (son)

  • Date of birth: January 19, 2005 (18 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Rylee’s biological father was just a one-night stand for Rylee. The young boy currently does not contact his dad. He also pushed her to fight for her dream the moment he came to the world.

    At the beginning of the boy’s life, Tess had not felt maternal toward him until he was a toddler. Today, nevertheless, they have a tight, jocular bond. The woman is really proud of her boy, his academic performance and personality. The mother managed to instill best traits in Rylee’s mind.

    Tess always asks Rylee’s permission to post his pictures or write about him on the net. That is why the boy is a rare guest on the mother’s social media, avoiding any publicity.

Tess Holliday kids photo

Bowie Holliday (son with Nick)

  • Date of birth: June 13, 2015 (8 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Since Tess had Bowie and started sharing more about her motherhood via Instagram, the number of her haters has hugely increased. They often wonder how such a plump woman can care for children. However, Bowie is far from abandoned. Though the boy shows a rare appearance on the mom’s social media, he is cared and loved to the moon and back.


Tess Holliday parents photo

Doug Hoven (father)

  • Date of birth: 1965
  • Doug Hover sold car parts to earn a living, working for AutoZone. The man had quite an explosive temper, did not believe in his daughter’s possible success.

    The star cut ties with the father at the age of 27.

Tess Holliday parents photo

Beth Hoven (nee Tadlock) (mother)

  • Date of birth: November 27, 1964 (58 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Beth divorced Tess’ father when the girl merely turned 9. Doug’s alleged violence was not the only reason: the woman could not excuse his numerous infidelities in the 1st place.

    Soon after she left Tess’ father, Beth, a store worker, got into a relationship with a new man. In 1995, he committed a horrible crime by shooting the woman in the head twice. Afterwards, he left her lying in the bathroom for dead. Having got the message about mother’s suffering, 10-year-old Tess rushed to a hospital, fearing she would see Beth for the last time.

    It took wheelchair-bound Bath several years to climb out of horrible paralysis caused by the attempted murder. That period was extremely traumatic for Tess, leading her to comfort eating.

    Afterwards, Beth married Joseph Wilson, but their relationship ended when Tess was 14.

    Nowadays, Beth keeps living with a couple of bullet fragments in the brain, but does not give up whatever happens. The woman taught herself to walk and talk again, and even mastered driving to help Tess realize her modeling ambitions out of the state’s borders.

    Beth is constantly there for her renowned daughter, living together with her for now. She has always taken all her beginnings seriously. The women look quite alike and even behave similarly. Actually, Tess has inherited lots of traits from her mother, such as exquisite sense of humor, inner drive and incredible stubbornness.

    Beth is one of Tess’ best friends. Even though they do not agree on everything, namely politics, they are always there for each other.

Tess Holliday siblings photo

Tad Hoven (brother)

  • Date of birth: 1986
  • Though Tad does not reveal much about himself on the net, he became relatively renowned due to his scathing and unpleasant review on Tess’ body-positive book. The man thinks his sister to be a narcissist, ignorant to other people’s feelings.

    Tad lives in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Tess Holliday siblings photo

Hunter Hoven (younuger half-brother)

  • Hunter is Tess’ paternal half-brother.

Tess Holliday siblings photo

Gabriel Hoven (younger half-brother)

  • Gabriel is another paternal half-brother.


Being an American plus-size model and blogger, Tess is an ambiguous personality. There are lots of people either liking and disliking her, however, no one ignores her presence in this world. The woman has appeared on the covers of People, Marie Claire, partaken in various fashion campaigns and starred in a number of music videos. Tess is also an activist, fighting for the rights of people whose appearance is untypical.

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