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  • What is Lauren Cohan relationship status? Single
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Lauren Cohan husband and family


  • She had been in long-lasting relations with her previous agent Christian Carino since 2014, but they separated three years later, in 2017.

Lauren Cohan kids

  • Lauren does not have children as yet.


Lauren Cohan parents photo

Susan Cohan (nee Moorhouse) (mother)

  • Born in the UK and having Scottish roots, Susan Cohan tends to strive for establishing relations with people who belong to other nationalities. When she got married for the 1st time, it was Lauren’s birth father, who is American. Several years later, Susan contracted a 2nd marriage with a Jewish man – Lauren’s step-father.

    Susan has influenced her daughter’s life a lot. It is she, who made her daughter convert into Judaism, because of remarrying when Lauren was seven only. Such circumstances made a huge impact on Laura’s mindset and life attitude. The actress, actually, thanks her mother for making Jewish culture and tradition very close to her heart.

    When the daughter was thirteen, Susan took her to the UK, where they settled down in Surrey. The mother inspired the future actress to co-found a theater group at the University of Winchester, where Lauren studied English Literature and Drama.

    Nowadays, Susan is a successful, award-winning and passionate landscape designer. She believes it is vitally essential to collaborate and express exceptional creativity to make a garden good-looking. Susan has several high-skilled professionals under her supervision, who work with the best materials, establish necessary working connections, overseeing every aspect of the entire designing process. As a dedicated designer, the woman is personally involved in every project, designing fully realized gardens and outdoor spaces which enrich clients’ pleasure. Susan’s team works on developing concepts, furnishing as well as pays attention to lots of tiny designing details.

    Furthermore, Lauren’s mother is fond of travelling, gardening and caring for her cute dog. In her spare time, Susan shares landscape design inspiration on her colorful Instagram account.

Lauren Cohan parents photo

Paul Storholm (father)

  • Lauren’s father is an American, who possesses English, Irish and Norwegian ancestry.

    Though living through the parents’ divorce was more than hard for Lauren, she managed to maintain quite warm relationships with the birth father. She spends a lot of quality time with him, eating out or just walking down numerous secluded streets.

    Paul is married and has 2 more kids. He is senior loan originator at CNN Mortgage NMLS.

Lauren Cohan parents photo

Matthew Cohan (step-father)

  • According to Lauren, her step-father was relatively strict and extremely protective in the girl’s childhood. The man raised very high expectations for the young girl, but was no less supportive. The actress owes him for being very ambitious and ready for facing any challenges nowadays. Moreover, Lauren has not ever felt as if not being related to him by blood.

Lauren Cohan siblings photo

Alia Cohan-Finnerty (half-sister)

  • One of Lauren’s half-siblings Alia is the only one, whose personal data can be found on the net. The young woman has been working as an account supervisor for a while. On 8 June 2019, she married Tom Finnerty, who she had been dating several years beforehand. Her mother Susan, siblings and a half-sister Lauren attended this celebration of love, loyalty and devotion. In January 2020 Alia gave birth to a baby girl Isla.

Lauren Cohan siblings photo

Daniel Cohan (half-brother)

  • He is a British chef who live in San Francisco. His Insta page.

Lauren Cohan siblings photo

Sabrina Faith Cohan (half-sister)

  • She is another younger half-sister who lives in London and is a product manager at Expedia Group. Her Insta page.

Lauren Cohan siblings photo

  • Lauren has 5 siblings from mother side: 4 half-siblings (we could find only three of them) and 1 step-sibling.

    From her biological father side there are two more younger half-siblings.


A star of The Walking Dead horror TV series, a successful American-British model turned actress Lauren Cohan has been professionally developing since the year of 2005.

She debuted with the role of Sister Beatrice in the Casanova film production and went on to pursue a career mainly in filming. However, Cohan has not made a breakthrough at once. During the period between 2006 and 2016, Lauren starred in eight movies only, including The Boy, where she got a lead, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, playing the remarkable Martha Wayne. Afterwards, the actress was also noticed in such movies as All Eyes on Me and Mile 22.

Another scenario waited for Laura in the field of television. In 2007, Cohan played the main supporting role in the 3rd season of the famous series Supernatural. Before getting recognized worldwide, the actress had a cameo in Modern Family and played in several episodes of the Chuck and The Vampire Diaries series. Since the year 2012, when the young woman was included in the main cast of The Walking Dead, she has mainly had cameos and recurring roles.

An extremely popular action comedy-drama TV series Whiskey Cavalier became Lauren’s 2nd breakthrough in 2019. She not only has got the main role there, but has been praised and loved by her numerous army of fans since then.

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