years old
  • What is Kirby Howell-Baptiste relationship status? Single
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Kirby Howell-Baptiste husband and family


  • Kirby tries to keep her love life under the wraps. Though she never mentioned that she was married, in 2014, she wrote on her Twitter that her husband asked her to blow him on the night. However, the celebrity seemed to get divorced as in 2017, her other Twitter post featured the words about her plans to dab her way down the aisle if she ever agreed to marry again.

Kirby Howell-Baptiste kids

  • It’s unclear if Kirby Howell-Baptiste has any kids or no.


  • The identities of the celebrity’s parents also remain a big mystery. Neither their names nor professions are known. However, it was the star’s mother who noticed her acting talent and enrolled her in the Young Actors Theatre.

    Moreover, Kirby made some posts on social media about her parents. For instance, she wrote that she gave the best Mother’s Day gift to her mom by moving out and that her parents made her eat all her dinner before dessert. In 2015, she also thanked mom and dad for not forcing her to celebrate Thanksgiving with them and allowing her to go hiking with her friend instead.


  • Unfortunately, we don’t know if Howell-Baptiste has any siblings.


Kirby Howell-Baptiste first appeared on television in 2008 in an episode of Holby City. However, she attracted attention only in 9 years thanks to starring in the Downward Dog series. Today, Kirby is most famed for playing in Killing Eve, Barry, The Good Place, Veronica Mars and the Why Women Kill series. Additionally, the performer appeared in a number of shorts films, including Lucky Day that she also wrote, directed and produced, and A Dog’s Purpose movie.

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