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  • What is Katherine Langford relationship status? Single
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Katherine Langford husband and family


  • Katherine is not married.

Katherine Langford kids

  • Katherine does not have children as yet.


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Elizabeth Langford (née Green) (mother)

  • Serving as a qualified pediatrician since 1997, Elizabeth Langford is a renowned writer among caring and responsible parents. The woman has authored the Parenting is Forever book, which is full of her professional and extremely useful tips for everyone, whose life is in some way connected to child-raising. Elizabeth has a vast and diverse bank of clinical experience, helping her work in private pediatric practice today. She has been living in Australian Perth all her life and seemingly does not plan to move anywhere else.

    As a respected member of several medical societies, Langford advocates for childhood. The woman has a considerable media influence regarding topical issues which somehow impact on kids and families, a part of which they are.

    Elizabeth appreciates her oldest daughter’s achievements, she loves her to the moon and back. She also respects Katherine’s desire for privacy and cares for her comfort. That is why there are no references to her daughter’s life events on any of Elizabeth’s public accounts.

Katherine Langford parents photo

Stephen Langford (father)

  • Being almost as famous as his wife is, Stephen Langford worked as a flying doctor for a long time. In 1983, he also got membership in the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Stephen’s 32-year participation in the organization’s activities let him save countless lives. Langford was the one who introduced lots of innovations that improved RFDS’s medical and technical performance in terms of speed and quality of care.

    Nowadays, the man is a Medical Doctor, continuing to work for RFDS in the western part of Australia. In 2016, Stephen even became an Australian of the year, getting to the final of Local Hero Awards.

    Becoming a partner of Western Australia University, Stephen wrote The Leading Edge – the book, which is full of his personal experience of working for RFDS, coping with difficulties and finding revolutionary solutions.

    Langford is very close to his wife, supports Elizabeth whenever she needs him to be there for her. The man maintains similarly warm relations with his daughter Elizabeth. He is a great example for her as well as the best father in the world.

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Josephine Langford (sister)

  • Date of birth: August 18, 1997 (25 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Though pursuing an acting career, just like her elder sister does, Josephine has been doing her best to make a name for herself. The aspiring actress’ progress is not tied to Katherine’s performance or even associated with it. For now, unlike the elder sister, Josephine has starred in a horror film alongside romantic drama, titled Wish Upon and After respectively. The latter, by the way, was the actress’ real breakthrough, which led her to getting the role in its sequel.

    Being an owner of a Teen Choice Award and called a favorite young actress in addition, Josephine was not planning to become a Hollywood celebrity at the beginning of her path. Since the age of 10, she had authored three prize-winning songs, but then she took up acting classes. It made singing take a back seat.

    In 2018, there were some rumors concerning a sort of feud between the sisters, which, nevertheless, turned out to be entirely unfounded. The siblings were said to compete for recognition, trying to surpass each other’s achievements. Josephine put the rumors to rest by assuring her and Katherine’s fans it is lack of private information both of them share on the net which leads to extrapolating unknown details of their lives.

    Nowadays, the sisters’ relations much resemble those in their childhood: the young women mutually love, respect and support each other no matter what, retaining a strong family bond. They do not discuss their working matters when at home, but are interested in each other’s performance.


A nominee for a Golden Globe Award, Katherine Langford is an Australian actress, mostly known for the dramatic role of Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why. Nevertheless, her amazing performance in this TV series is far from being Katherine’s only remarkable achievement.

Langford’s high-school years were full of inspiration and art. She was keen on writing music and singing, mastered the skill of playing the piano and took part in various musical and drama competitions. Katherine’s school teachers still have been remembering her outstanding performance in the Hotel Sorrento production.

Though being quite interested in medicine and politics, Langford was determined to climb an acting career ladder right after graduation. The aspiring actress’ way to success was not easy: whatever acting school she applied to, she was rejected due to the lack of life experience and young age. But still, Katherine did not give up: she had been taking every opportunity to show her talent before she debuted in several independent films. Afterwards, apart from 13 Reason Why, Langford starred in the Cursed series, Love, Simon, Avengers: Endgame and the Knives Out mystery film. The latter earned her a huge critical acclaim.

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