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  • Who is Jesse Tyler Ferguson spouse? Justin Mikita
  • What is Jesse Tyler Ferguson relationship status? Married
  • What is her sexual orientation? Gay

Jesse Tyler Ferguson husband and family

Jesse Tyler Ferguson husband photo

Justin Mikita (husband)

  • Date of birth: September 10, 1985 (37 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Duration of marriage: July 20, 2013 - present time (9 years 6 months)
  • Sometimes, working as a lawyer, you may fall in love with one of the most successful American actors, but do not even expect to be noticed and reciprocated. However, if you are an ambitious one, who has overcome cancer, survived after a horrible car crash is still eager to win a place in the Hollywood sun, more doors are open to you.

    Before announcing their engagement in the early fall in 2012, Jesse and Justin had been partners for two happy years. It was the time of coming out for the famous star and a real challenge for both men – it is not a surprise, unfortunately, that representatives of LGBT are treated quite inappropriately, even though the degree of tolerance has been increasing lately.

    The first and only husband of Jesse Tyler is widely known for his legal profession as well as talent for movie production. His Untitled LGBTQ+ Documentary shows the fight for LGBT right back in 1969, when gay rights were non-existent and there was not a single chance for showing your feelings to your beloved in public, unless he or she was another gender.

    The spouses, by the way, co-own a non-profit advocacy foundation Tie the Knot which is aimed at providing gays and lesbians with an opportunity to build strong family relations beyond any stereotypes and unfair treatment. The company is also involved in releasing seasonal trendy bow-ties colored like a rainbow.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson kids

Jesse Tyler Ferguson kids photo

Beckett Mercer Ferguson-Mikita (son)

  • Date of birth: July 7, 2020 (2 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • The couple dreamt of having a child since the very day of the marriage, hence, both Jesse and Justin did not reveal a child’s sex and the anticipated date of birth until the kid came into being. The men kept fingers crossed and hoped for the best.

    Having made his parents feel “over the moon”, the kid by the name of Beckett has become worldwide famous even though he was born a couple of weeks ago. The cute little boy has joined his fathers in their exciting journey of family life.


Jesse Tyler Ferguson parents photo

Anne Ferguson (née Doyle) (mother)

  • Anne Ferguson seems to be an embodiment of a truly compassionate and friendly mother, who is likely to accept all weirdness of her children. Though quite astounded at some of Jesse Tyler’s TV roles, she discusses all of them with her famous son and gives a piece of advice if needed. Sometimes, the roles might be so unusual and confusing that it is Anne Ferguson who persuades her son to take them and, as a result, succeed unbelievably.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson parents photo

Robert "Bob" Ferguson (father)

  • Jesse’s father Robert, nicknamed Bob, was a man of rather conservative views. For this reason, when he caught his 14-year-old son stealing gay porn far back in 1989, it was really hard for him to get what it was all about. Robert did not lose hope for his son starting down the right track, having a girlfriend and raising an ordinary family. Even when Jesse was 21, he kept explaining to his dad the nature of his preferences.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson siblings photo

Ben Ferguson (brother)

  • Date of Birth: October 27

    Jesse’s brother Ben started a colorful salad recipe blog in 2014, which proves to have become incredibly popular and successful over the years. The man is not a trained chef, but a good student in his mother’s kitchen school, as he frequently says. Ben wants to create salads which would be far from being boring and is eager to restore salads’ “limping” reputation. His slogan is to cook fresh, simple and always delicious food which is good enough to enjoy and too tasty to reject eating it with pleasure.

    The brothers’ relations can be a vivid example of genuine brotherly support and love to each other. The connection between them is very strong and it seems nothing can ever break it.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson siblings photo

Kelly Ferguson (sister)

  • Date of Birth: March 10

    A photographer, videographer and, what is even more significant, a loved sister of Jesse Tyler – Kelly Ferguson is a large and meaningful part of the actor’s biography. The siblings are, actually, a lot alike, at least in their desire for making people aware of the importance of equality and mutual respect. By the way, both Kelly and her famous brother are fond of attending theatrical performances.

    Kelly is a talented artistic creator, famous for her unusual view of expressing people’s nature through photography. The woman is keen on making her clients play improvisation, however, guiding them through the entire work process. Jesse’s sister is deeply convinced that it is improvisation which creates an exquisite pathway to authentic movements and people’s honestly natural expressions of themselves.

    In addition, Kelly is a true warrior, who fights for the artists’ rights for being valued and honored the way they deserve. She believes sincerely the world is in a huge need for genuine artists, not those who pretend to create art in their spare time. Kelly consistently encourages herself along with her colleagues all around the world to move forward and share their perspectives, to turn the world into the one which is not starving for artists, as it is now.

    Kelly is a lesbian who in November 2017 got married to Cassandra Costley.


Jesse Tyler Ferguson is a highly-professional and extremely popular American actor of theater and cinema, mostly known for portraying a lovable lawyer by the name of Mitchell Pritchett on the Modern Family sitcom. The star’s filmography is full of various more and less successful works, including roles in TV-shows, films, theater performances and even music videos.

Jesse Tyler has won six Outstanding Performance Awards while has been nominated for Favorite TV Comedy Actor Award twice. The actor also originated the role in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee which seems to be one of the most remarkable points in Tyler’s theatrical career. The audience are pleased to follow Jesse’s private life experiences along with his dramatic professional development, praising the man for active involvement in philanthropy for the sake of members of LGBT society.

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