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  • What is Clark Gregg relationship status? Divorced
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Clark Gregg wife and family

Clark Gregg wife photo

Jennifer Grey (ex-wife)

  • Date of birth: March 26, 1960 (63 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Duration of marriage: July 21, 2001 - July 2020 (18 years 11 months)
  • Born into the family of creative and exceptionally known people: Joel Grey who won an Academy Award and Jo Wilder, singing and acting up to the very moment of the daughter’s birth, – Jennifer Grey happened to be a worthy continuer of her family’s traditions. Although the actress started her career back in 1979, she gained worldwide recognition 7 years later only. Jennifer was also nominated for a Best Actress within Golden Globe Award after the full of romance and drama Dirty Dancing (1987) was out on the screen. Her best television work seems to be participation in the Dancing with the Stars (2010) show, which made her well-known not only for the talent for acting in various styles but for exquisite dancing skills. Since then, the actress has been starring in series and films, each of which is sincerely liked by American audiences and lots of people all around the world.

    Jennifer’s bright tempting smile seemingly was the reason for Clark’s falling head over hills in love with her. It was love at first sight, happened as the Lifetime TV movie The Road to Christmas was being made. One of the most important events the couple took part in was Women’s March, which took place in the City of Angels in 2017. They also co-starred in one episode of The Conners in 2020 which turns out to be the last time the fans can see the spouses together, hand in hand, as it was for merely 19 years.

Clark Gregg kids

Clark Gregg kids photo

Stella Gregg (daughter with Jennifer Grey)

  • Date of birth: December 3, 2001 (21 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Young Stella, following in her mother’s footsteps and being a successful member of the Gregg-Grey acting family, started her career in 2010. The girl is known for outstanding roles in Who Do You Think You Are?, the Agents S.H.I.E.L.D series and Trust Me, the production of which was carefully led by her father. Stella is not really fond of popularity and does not want to share her private life with a huge number of fans, that is why her only Instagram profile is out of public view. She is also consistently fighting for justice, especially for equal rights despite race and nationality.

    Stella Frances Gregg, though currently induced to live through her parents’ separation, has been surrounded with Mom’s and Dad’s love and support throughout her entire life. Clark Gregg ensures that divorce is not able to change anything in his relations with the daughter. So does Jennifer Grey.


Clark Gregg parents photo

Robert Clark Gregg Sr. (father)

  • Clark Gregg’s father, named his son after himself, combined the positions of an Episcopal priest and a professor in the Stanford University in the year of his heir’s birth. Blessed to be successful both in career and family relations, Robert Sr. was deeply convinced that the only way of living a decent life is to be open to it and experience it to the fullest. The man always marveled at how varied his work was and tended to help people thrive.

    Robert Sr. believed that things which matter most are not things, actually. According to his memoirs, the most important part of his life was Mary Lane, his wonderful and supportive wife. The priest and professor was deeply convinced the challenges of their marriage were gone through in large part thanks to his beautiful spouse.

    Robert Sr.’s relations with the son are rather close, they do not lose a strong family connection ever. Having become a teaching professor of religious studies and classics at Duke University once, Robert Sr. helped his famous son with film production issues and gave him valuable fatherly advice.

Clark Gregg parents photo

Mary Layne (née Shine) (mother)

  • Having ancestors far across the ocean, Mary Lane is a mother of a genuinely American family. The woman, no matter what, is always there for her famous son and husband. Though the family had to relocate frequently because of Robert Clark Gregg Sr.’s work, Mary Lave managed to create a cozy home atmosphere in any part of the USA.


  • Clark is the oldest of 4 children. He has a brother and two sisters.

Clark Gregg siblings photo

Courtney Gregg (sister)

  • Date of Birth: May 2

    Courtney is Clark’s younger sister who is an artist, photographer and a mother to a daughter Sophia.

Clark Gregg siblings photo

Andrew Gregg (brother)

  • What we know is that in 2015 he was the newest agent of SHIELD.


Known as Agent Phil Coulson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robert Clark Gregg Jr. has been a famous and popular actor and screenwriter since 1988. What is more, Clark Gregg is a co-founder and an artistic director of the Atlantic Theatre Company, formed in 1983 and led as an off-Broadway establishment. The star is also known for his production work which includes Moxie (2020), Trust Me (2013) and Choke (2008). The latter earned Gregg a nomination and an award within the Sundance Film Festival in the year of 2008.

The actor is extremely proud of his Agent Coulson character and excited about the fact that though being a small guy in the comic books, Phil gained a more meaningful role in the universe. Robert Clark Gregg has got a couple of voice roles and sealed a long-term deal with Marvel Studios, which means that an endless army of dedicated fans will be able to enjoy his fabulous acting for years!

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