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  • What is Carmen Electra relationship status? Single
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Carmen Electra husband and family

Carmen Electra husband photo

Dennis Rodman (ex-husband)

  • Date of birth: May 13, 1961 (62 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Duration of marriage: November 14, 1998 - April 6, 1999 (4 months)
  • Dennis is a former basketball power forward who represented Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks and some other teams. He is a 5-time NBA champion. Additionally, the athlete starred in Double Team and Simon Sez films.

    Dennis and Carmen tied knots in Las Vegas on November 14, 1998. They broke up in 9 days but reconciled and stayed together till April 1999. In one of her interviews, Electra shared that Rodman took care of her when she lost her mom and sister and she married him to get rid of the emotional pain.

    By the way, she was the second of the player’s three wives. He also had brief marriages to Annie Bakes and Michelle Moyer, mothers of his three kids.

Carmen Electra husband photo

Dave Navarro (ex-husband)

  • Date of birth: June 7, 1967 (55 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Duration of marriage: November 22, 2003 - February 20, 2007 (3 years 2 months)
  • Dave is a guitarist at Jane’s Addiction rock band. He also released one album with Red Hot Chili Peppers and one solo record. Before his relationship with Carmen, he was a husband to Tania Goddard-Saylor and Rhian Gittins.

    Having got romantically involved with Carmen in 2000, Dave espoused her on November 22, 2003. Their wedding preparation was featured on reality show Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave. However, the spouses called it quits in 2006 with their marriage being dissolved in 2007. Despite their failed wedlock, these two remain good friends.

Carmen Electra husband photo

Rob Patterson (ex-fiancé)

  • Date of birth: November 9, 1970 (52 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Duration of relationship: 2008 – 2012

    Rob is a musician who played guitar for Otep, Korn, Filter and Circus Diablo bands. He proposed to Electra in April 2008, but their engagement was called off in 2012.

Carmen Electra kids

  • In many of her interviews, Carmen said that she was ready to have a baby. However, she hasn’t become a mother yet.


Carmen Electra parents photo

Harry Patrick (father)

  • Date of birth: June 18, 1942 (80 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Harry is a former guitarist and entertainer who currently resides in Cincinnati, OH. It was he who inspired Carmen to try her hand at music and always cheered her up.

Carmen Electra parents photo

Patricia Rose Patrick (nee Kincade) (mother)

  • Date of birth: circa 1937

    Date of death: August 1998 (age 61)

    Patricia was a singer. Moreover, she was a seamstress and had a black belt in jiu-jitsu. Prior to becoming Harry’s wife, she was married to another man and had at least one son with him. Electra said that her mom was her best friend who encouraged her to never give up.

    In 1996, Patricia was diagnosed with brain cancer, but she didn’t tell her daughter about it as she was paving her way in the entertainment industry at that time. She passed away in August 1998. The celebrity felt guilty that she didn’t take care of her mom in her last years and couldn’t cope with the loss for a long period.

Carmen Electra siblings photo

Debbie Patrick (older sister)

  • Date of birth: circa 1958

    Date of death: 1998 (age 40)

    Debbie was like a second mother for Carmen. She died of a heart attack just two weeks after her mother’s death.

Carmen Electra siblings photo

Rod Mark

  • Date of birth: 1962

    Date of death: 2005 (age 43)

    Rod might be Carmen’s half-brother from Patricia’s first marriage. But there are only 2 not really trustful sources that claim that Rod is her brother. He resided in Florida and didn’t communicate much with his famed sibling. In 2005, Rod committed a suicide after suffering from depression for a long time.

  • Carmen Electra has four other older brothers, but their names remain a mystery. We only know that all of them have black belts in karate. Moreover, one of the brothers took care of their mom Patricia after she found out about her disease.


Carmen Electra started her path to stardom with music and released an eponymous album in 1993. She proceeded with modeling and was featured in several Playboy issues. Having made a breakthrough thanks to playing in Baywatch televisions series, Carmen appeared on various shows along with having parts in such movies as American Vampire, Scary Movie, Epic Movie, I Want Candy, Meet the Spartans and Mardi Gras: Spring Break.

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