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  • Who is Brigitte Bardot husband? Bernard d’Ormale
  • What is Brigitte Bardot relationship status? Married
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Brigitte Bardot husband and family

Brigitte Bardot husband photo

Roger Vadim (ex-husband)

  • Date of birth: January 26, 1928
  • Date of death: February 11, 2000 (72 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Duration of marriage: December 21, 1952 - December 6, 1957 (4 years 11 months)
  • Roger was a director, screenwriter and producer. He started dating Brigitte when she was only 15 after meeting her at an audition for Les Lauriers sont coupés. The girl’s parents were against that relationship but agreed to their wedding after the future star tried to put her head in a gas oven with open fire. Finally, the lovebirds got hitched on December 21, 1952.

    Vadim and Bardot collaborated on some films, including And God Created Woman and The Night Heaven Fell. Moreover, the man shaped her image by advising to dye her hair blonde, teaching her how to speak and what to wear. However, the spouses announced their divorce in 1957 as Roger was tired of his wife’s infidelity.

    While being with Vadim, Brigitte was romantically linked to performer Jean-Louis Trintignant before they broke up shortly after her divorce. Moreover, she simultaneously dated music artist Gilbert Bécaud.

Brigitte Bardot husband photo

Jacques Charrier (ex-husband)

  • Date of birth: November 6, 1936 (86 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Duration of marriage: June 18, 1959 - November 20, 1962 (3 years 5 months)
  • Jacques is an artist and performer who got acquainted with the movie legend while filming Babette Goes to War in 1958. After the woman got pregnant, he espoused her on June 18, 1959. But the marriage was short-lived and ended in 1962. In her memoir, Brigitte called Charrier vulgar, dictatorial and uncontrolled macho.

Brigitte Bardot husband photo

Gunter Sachs (ex-husband)

  • Date of birth: November 14, 1932
  • Date of death: May 7, 2011 (78 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Duration of marriage: July 14, 1966 - October 1, 1969 (3 years 2 months)
  • A grandson of Opel automobile brand creator, Gunter enjoyed his life as a playboy. He was a bobsleigh champion and art collector along with being good at mathematics, astrology and photography. Being struck by Bardot’s beauty, Sachs showered her home with thousands of red roses while flying over it in a helicopter and invited her to his native Germany to show the biggest fireworks display.

    Brigitte said that he courted her like James Bond before they tied knots in Las Vegas in 1966 and went on to spend a honeymoon in Tahiti. However, their marriage was dissolved in 1969. In 2011, Gunter committed a suicide after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in his last years.

Brigitte Bardot husband photo

Bernard d’Ormale (husband)

  • Date of birth: 1941
  • Duration of marriage: August 16, 1992 - present time (30 years 5 months)
  • Bernard is a businessman and former adviser of French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen. He is Bardot’s last and most enduring love. d’Ormale espoused the celebrity on August 16, 1992, in Norway. Now, they reside in St Tropez, have many pets and take care of stray animals.

Brigitte Bardot kids

Brigitte Bardot kids photo

Nicolas-Jacques Charrier (son with Jacques)

  • Date of birth: January 11, 1960 (63 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • When Brigitte discovered about her pregnancy, she tried to terminate it, but Jacques didn’t allow her. She called her unborn child a cancerous tumor and punched herself in the stomach trying to provoke a miscarriage. Nicolas drew his first breath at the couple’s home as the star couldn’t get to the hospital in time because her house was attacked by paparazzi.

    Bardot hated being a mom and refused to breastfeed the newborn. Following her separation with Charrier, she left Nicolas to her ex-spouse’s parents and didn’t communicate with him while the boy was growing up. They are still in a tense relationship.

    In 1984, Nicolas tied knots with model Anna Lina Bjerkan but didn’t invite Brigitte to the nuptials. The spouses have two daughters, Anna and Thea. In 2014, they became grandparents as Anna gave birth to a baby girl.


Brigitte Bardot parents photo

Louis Bardot (father)

  • Date of birth: May 8, 1896
  • Date of death: November 5, 1975 (79 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Being nicknamed Pilou, Louis was an engineer and industrialist who ran a couple of factories in Paris. In his free time, he wrote poetry and dealt with photography. Louis was very strict with his daughters and could even whip them for bad behavior. Such a parenting style led to Bardot’s rebellious lifestyle.

Brigitte Bardot parents photo

Anne-Marie Bardot (nee Mucel) (mother)

  • Date of birth: February 1, 1912
  • Date of death: August 1, 1978 (66 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Being nicknamed Toty, Anne-Marie was a socialite who encouraged Brigitte to take up music and ballet. During WWII, she was a hat designer.

Brigitte Bardot siblings photo

Marie-Jeanne “Mijanou” Bardot (younger sister)

  • Date of birth: May 5, 1938 (85 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Mijanou tried her hand at acting and starred in Sex Kittens Go to College movie. In 1962, she became a wife of Belgian actor Patrick Bauchau, a father of her daughter Camille.


Having begun her career with ballet and modeling, Brigitte Bardot gained worldwide recognition thanks to her acting talent. Among her most famed movies are And God Created Woman, In Case of Adversity, Babette Goes to War, Come Dance with Me, The Truth, Love on a Pillow and Two Weeks in September. Bardot also recorded several music albums in the 1960-1970s.

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