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  • Who is Brie Larson husband? Elijah Allan-Blitz
  • What is Brie Larson relationship status? Dating
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Brie Larson husband and family

Brie Larson husband photo

Alex Greenwald (ex-partner)

  • Date of birth: October 9, 1979 (43 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Duration of relationship: 2013 – January 2019

    Alex is a music artist and a member of rock band Phantom Planet. Having released 8 albums with the band, he presented a solo album Yo in 2014. Besides, he appeared in some movies, including No Dessert, Dad, till You Mow the Lawn and Donnie Darko.

    Greenwald and Larson started dating in 2013 and in March 2016, they got engaged during a romantic trip to Japan. Brie called Alex her best friend and credited him for encouraging her to take risks in her work. However, in January 2019, the stars called off the engagement though they remained good friends. Since 2020, Alex has been in a relationship with Phoebe Tonkin.

Brie Larson husband photo

Elijah Allan-Blitz (boyfriend)

  • Date of birth: 1987
  • Duration of relationship: since 2019 till present

    Elijah is an actor, producer, director and musician. He appeared in several short films, including In This Life and Envoy, and had a part in an episode of The Shield TV series. Allan-Blitz got romantically involved with Brie in 2019. The lovebirds made a red carpet debut at the 2020 Oscars.

Brie Larson kids

  • Brie Larson doesn’t have any kids yet.


Brie Larson parents photo

Sylvain "Syl" Desaulniers (father)

  • Date of birth: December 15, 1962 (60 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Having French Canadian roots, Sylvain was raised in California. He is a homeopathic chiropractor (his website ran a practice with Brie’s mother Heather before they got divorced. He was later in a longtime relationship with Tonya Corcoran.

    In 2016, Larson revealed that she hadn’t spoken to Sylvain since 2006. She shared that she tried to understand why he had left the family before seeing that he never wanted to be a parent. Moreover, she stated that he was the reason for her volatile work. In his turn, Sylvain states that he is very proud of his daughter and loves her to death. Still Syl is close with Mimsy and in 2017 had a trip with her to France.

Brie Larson parents photo

Heather Desaulniers (nee Edwards) (mother)

  • Date of birth: June 18, 1965 (57 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • When Brie was 7, Heather and Sylvain’s marriage was dissolved and the woman relocated to Los Angeles with her two daughters. Though they lived in a tiny apartment and didn’t have enough money, Heather did her best to make Brie’s dream to become an actress true.

    Today, Larson is very close with her mom and states that she owes everything to her. Moreover, she said that the woman inspired her for the role in Room. By the way, Heather accompanied her stellar daughter to the movie premiere.

Brie Larson siblings photo

Raya Milaine "Mimsy" Desaulniers (younger sister)

  • Date of birth: January 5, 1993 (30 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • The celebrity’s younger sister is usually referred to as Mimsy. She tried her hand at acting in the 2012 movie The Arm and accompanied Brie to 2019 Oscars. However, Mimsy currently works as a mathematics teacher at Valencia High School.

    Larson said that in childhood, she and Mimsy loved playing Animal Crossing video game on Nintendo’s GameCube. They have a rule: whoever finished the homework first got a chance to play first.


Brie Larson got involved into acting being only 8 years old and started with appearing on several TV shows simultaneously with trying to build a career in the music industry. She made a breakthrough in 2016 thanks to starring in Room, a movie that brought her Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe and SAG Awards. Additionally, Larson is famed for portraying Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and playing in 21 Jump Street, Trainwreck, Kong: Skull Island, The Glass Castle plus Unicorn Store movies.

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