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  • What is Alia Shawkat relationship status? Single
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Alia Shawkat husband and family


  • Alia was rumored to have an affair with Brad Pitt as they were seen together multiple times. Though, Alia gave an interview refuting this fact and calling Brad her friend. The actress previously dated Michael Angarano(January 2010 – November 2011) and Jack Antonoff (2009-2010).

Alia Shawkat kids

  • At the moment Alia does not have children.


Alia Shawkat parents photo

Tony Shawkat (father)

  • Tony Shawkat (born Abdul Shawkat) came to the US from Iraq in 1978. He took a part in Three Kings movie by David O. Russell (1999) where his role was extended to advising about Iraqi culture. He shared this project with Alia. Girl’s first role was successful, so Tony and his wife began helping her out with an acting career.

    In the interviews, Alia talks about some tension between her and her father because of the fact the family ran a strip club called ShowGirls Gentlemen’s Club. She encounters this to influence the perception of her own sexuality. At the moment, Tony is known for film production and sponsorship. He was a producer of Bart Got A Room (2008) and The Romantics (2010).

Alia Shawkat parents photo

Dina Shawkat (nee Burke) (mother)

  • Dina is the daughter of actor Paul Burke. She used to make public statements on her father’s health when he was suffering from leukemia. Dina has Irish, Italian, and Norwegian ancestry. She and her husband Tony share two kids besides Alia. Alia’s mother was also engaged in running their family’s business, even though Alia recalls her parents being regular and even slightly conservative.

Alia Shawkat parents photo

Paul Burke (maternal grandfather)

  • Date of birth: July 21, 1926
  • Date of death: September 13, 2009 (83 years)
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Paul is a famous actor who was nominated for an Emmy award. His most notable roles are of Adam Flint in Naked City series (aired 1958) and of Joseph Anson Gallagher in the 12 O’Clock High series (1964-1967). Paul was married twice. After Alia’s grandmother, he married a model Lyn Peters. He died from leukemia in 2009.

Alia Shawkat parents photo

Peggy Pryor (maternal grandmother)

  • Peggy is Alia’s grandmother from the mother’s side and the first spouse of Paul Burke with whom she had three kids including Dina. She was born Alice Louise Wikan and was pursuing a dancing career.

Alia Shawkat siblings photo

Paul Shawkat (brother)

  • He studied English literature at California State University and works as a teacher in North Hollywood High School. Paul also has experience working with Peace Corps in Albania.

Alia Shawkat siblings photo

Anthony Sharif Shawkat (younger brother)

  • He got a Bachelor’s degree in International business at University of Redlands. Since 2017 Sharif has been working as Executive administrative assistant in Time Warner Inc.



Alia Shawkat is an American television and big-screen actress best known for her part in Fox (later Netflix) TV project Arrested Development (aired 2003). She achieved her first recognition at the age of 11, playing in State of Grace movie (2001). She acquired this role after modeling for Calvin Klein campaign. This campaign brought her attention from Hollywood directors and agents. Alia’s performance in Arrested Development earned her recognition both from critics and fans. Among her other works are Ruby Sparks (2012), The End of Love (for which she did a cameo, 2013), Green Room (2015), and others.

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